Emergency Water Storage

Let me tell you what I have been working on recently, emergency water storage. My family is learning about preparedness and our first step is water storage. Part of a healthy lifestyle is being prepared. It truly comes right next to oxygen for survival and is an essential part of any emergency preparedness program. When we are prepared, we have less to fear because we know that we have taken certain actions that will improve our situation. Water storage is the most fundamental part of being prepared for the unexpected.It’s nice to think that our local utility companies will always have clean water flowing to our homes, but the truth is, water can get contaminated, pipes can break and natural disasters do happen. There are many reasons we could find ourselves without water for days or weeks. It’s important to be prepared and this can be both affordable and done with little time.For my long term water storage, I purchased two 25 gallon boxed water kits. The kit includes 5 sturdy cardboard boxes that are stack-able (3 high) and five, 5 gallon bags. These kits are affordable and come with instructions on how to prepare and fill. They are also portable in the event you need to grab a box, put it in your car and go.I have four people in my family and we have 50 gallons of water stored with the boxed water kits and several cases of bottled water. If you have pets, you will want to store an adequate amount of water for them as well. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, you should have a three day supply of water and store 1 gallon of water per person per day (a two week supply is recommended). You should date each water box and rotate the boxes once a year. Also, all water storage containers should be kept in a cool dark place.Most water utility companies treat the tap water with chlorine, so you do not need to add anything else to the water. However, if the water comes from a water source that is non-chlorinated it should be treated with unscented liquid household chlorine bleach. The American Red Cross and FEMA recommend the following procedure for treating non-chlorinated water for emergency water storage.* 1/8 teaspoon of unscented liquid bleach per gallon of water.
* Stir and let stand for 30 minutes.
* The water should have a slight chlorine smell. If it does not taste and smell of chlorine after 30 minutes, add another 1/8 teaspoon and let stand another 15 minutes. If it still does not smell of chlorine, discard and find another water source.Under emergency conditions, water that has been stored may taste flat. You can aerate the water by pouring the water from one container to another about three or four times.There are many ways to store water in your home and this is what I found that worked for my family. The most important thing is that you take action to have healthy habits for your family. So for this Mom’s journey to healthy habits, water storage for my family was a priority. It’s important, it’s simple and I don’t have to do anything with emergency water storage for a year – yeah!

The Need of Building Insurance on Rented Property

It is essential for a landlord to have building insurance on rented property as a landlord would have invested a large amount in his property and by letting it out, he wouldn’t want to put his property at any risk and would want to protect his property against any damage. A property owner uses the rent as an extra income and that income needs protection.Tenants, who rent out properties, can protect their possessions in the property by having renters insurance, whereas the landlord of the property will have insurance for any damages to his building. Therefore if there were unforeseen circumstances, the tenants would then be given a place to stay through renters insurance and will also cover all personal items that are damaged or stolen.However the landlords of properties go for building insurance when renting out their property as it is essential to protect their assets. It would be a huge loss when losing the money you gained from renting your properties because there was no insurance policy in place. In these difficult financial times Landlords tend not to have cover for their property as they assume this is a better method to cut costs and save money, however they don’t realise how risky that can be, it also means that if in the future anything happened to their property that will be result in a huge loss. Therefore it is better not to take the risk of not having building insurance on rented property. If for any reason you don’t have building insurance it is a good idea to do so as soon as possible. For example in case of damage such as flooding to the property or fire damage, it would be very unfortunate for the landlord if there was no cover on the property. This would mean that not only is the rented out property safe and secured, but would also mean that the home which is rented out would be protected against situations such as theft, vandalism, floods, fire etc, however, also for the damages done by the tenants as well.The prices of building insurance on rented property can depend on a number of factors such as the type of tenants that are living in the house, for example if the insurance would be far more expensive for a group of students living in the house rather than if professionals were renting out the property. It can also depend on the location of the property. For example if the property was in a high crime location the cost of building insurance would be far more expensive due to the risk factor. If the property has a low rebuild value the lower the insurance quote for the property.Therefore building insurance on rented property helps landlords to recover from their losses that have been caused due to any damages that may have been caused and it is essential to protect your property.

MLM Home Based Business – Why There’s No Better Time Frame Than Today To Jump In

With the current economic crisis opting the long path to recovery, quite a few folks are considering an MLM home based business to restore a lost source of income, or supplement their current pay check. And yet, if you’re smart, now is the time to explore an MLM home based business to create a fortune, not just make a few extra bucks.Now don’t get me wrong, the network marketing industry didn’t go unscathed during this financial crisis. Nonetheless, if you stumble upon the ideal MLM home based business program, you are going to be perched on a gold mine. I mean let’s be honest, folks are eager to better their financial situation. Today, folks are going to be open to opportunities, as long as it is a good fit for them. Hence, let’s go over what is an MLM home based business and in what ways do you cash in on possible opportunities.MLM, which is short for multi-level marketing, is also commonly known as network marketing. The appeal of an MLM home based business is really quite simple. No other business model empowers an ordinary person to create wealth and prosperity like network marketing. This is true despite age, race, technical background or business knowledge (more on that and a few caveats in a bit).The reason an MLM home based business can be huge for anyone is because companies that employ this distribution model trade marketing dollars in exchange of your word of mouth advertising. In other words, instead of having to pay huge amounts of money every year to the advertising industry, they count on their customers to spread the word instead. And trust me. I built a great little advertising career during the last 10 years. I’ve worked with clients who invest well over $100 million per year on advertising. Hence, these network marketing companies are saving some pretty good coin.So what do network marketing companies do with those savings? They pass them on to you, the customer-turned-business-associate. When you refer customers to your MLM home based business, you get paid commissions and bonuses for helping the company market and distribute its product. In essence, you are part of their marketing arm. The more customers and company associates you recruit, the larger your commissions, the greater your bonuses and incentives, and the bigger your paycheck.What really makes an MLM home based business worth a strong lookNonetheless the real appeal of an MLM home based business can be defined in two words: residual income. This is also known as passive income or leveraged income. Basically, what this means is that as you recruit individuals into your MLM home based business, you eventually begin to earn income from their efforts. In time, your revenue will be completely independent of your own personal efforts. This is the allure of the business opportunity. The ability for absolutely anyone to create a considerable walk-away residual income and retire rich in quite a short period of time.Of course, if it sounds too good to be true, then it must be, right? Well, not really the situation here. And yet, 97% of network marketers fall short with their MLM home based business. Though not because the network marketing industry is a sham. Rather, this is because the MLM industry promotes a marketing and prospecting model that did the trick well in the 1970′s and 1990′s, but is not relevant in the internet age. Allow me to explain.The secret to MLM home based business successRewards in any MLM home based business is without question a direct result of a specific thing, and one thing only: your skill to brand and market yourself as a leader. Now, a few of you are thinking “I’m no leadership material.” But you would be inaccurate in that evaluation. Becoming a leader is easier than you think and you don’t have to be an extraordinary speaker, or a business expert to accomplish that status. Not in the modern day of the internet. The thing you do need is a solid wish to become familiar with a few simple tools and skills, plus a strong resolve to take significant action.The internet now enables anyone to learn how to market their MLM home based business the correct way. Gone are the days of needing to chase close friends and family simply to plead with them to view your sales presentation. Gone are the days of walking around the malls to hand out brochures.Today, you can leverage any number of incredibly effective, cheap–if not free–internet marketing tools to promote your business. Generating countless prospects each week is dead simple if you have even a small budget for advertisements. And if cash is tight, you can still produce tons of free targeted leads for your MLM home based business using free tools and strategies. It will just take longer. Definitely not for that lazy or make money fast opportunity seeker.One important thing that has not changed in the MLM home based business environment is the incredible importance of aligning yourself with a capable counselor. The internet is beginning to change lives literally overnight for people who aren’t shy and dive in. But it’s just like a sea, never still and always churning and changing. If you do not recognize how to interpret the scientifically and time-tested formula that helps average people make six-and-seven-figure incomes overnight, you will end up lost at sea. This is truly critical.If you would like to generate extra money or just flat out get filthy rich, do what I did. Find an MLM home based business opportunity which has a one-of-a-kind and high-demand product. For me, it was gold and silver. Not a bad idea in this dreadful economic climate.Keep away from products that could possibly be considered a luxury. Nothing against the fantastic health beverages and super-vitamin MLM home based businesses in the industry, but you are going to have trouble marketing $40 fruit juice nowadays. Stick to goods and services that folks need to have and already use, and you’ll probably experience an easier time of it.What to do when you find the right MLM home based business opportunityOnce you have selected a really good MLM home based business opportunity, meet with folks in that company who understand how to market via the internet. Traditional marketing is still valid and effective, however, your rewards ratio drastically improves when you can find out how to market on the internet. Learn all you can regarding attraction marketing as explained by Mike Dillard in Magnetic Sponsoring. Assess if this is a path you are comfortable with and be aware that you have the innate power to obtain anything you set out to do. Then get busy. Real busy.Make use of your mentor. Ask him for a blueprint. He or she should have one if they understand what they are doing. They will give you the insider tips and instruments of the business. They will teach you how to use them. And when you stay disciplined, you simply will not fall short. Half a year ago, I did not know the very first thing on how to rank well on the very first page of Google. I can do it with my eyes closed today thanks to the golden nuggets handed down by my mentors. I generate 85% of my personal leads completely for free. And I Also generate money from my principal MLM home based business in addition to 12 other streams of affiliate income. So in case I have not been clear, allow me to stress yet again: the time has come to get involved with the right MLM home based business–believe me. Decide today that you will make the investment in time to learn some new skills and you will succeed.

Ways to Create a Beautiful Looking Space in Your Home

In most modern homes beam construction is handled with a variety of low grade metal materials. If you want that exotic look in your home you will have to shell out the money to either build one or request custom building specs from your home’s construction contractor. There are many businesses that offer a rather cost-effective way to get around this issue and provide your home with the style and comfort that you desire. Beam re-construction and framing can add value to your home when you decide to sell it or it can add that extra layer of warmth you’ve been looking for.

One of the most commonly used type of framing is Timber framing. Timber framing consists of mortise and tendon joints connected with wooden pegs that provide an intricate and stunning design to your home. When you are considering Timber framing keep in mind that you will have access to every part of the build and installation process such as shapes, sizes, frequency, and the volume of space that it takes up. This makes Timber framing a really attractive idea to homeowners who are looking to put their own design skills to work.

The installation process involved with new framing or beam replacement is much simpler than you think and won’t take much time or effort on your part. If you have any questions regarding framing or installing new beams in your home, I would advise you to search for Timber frame contractor in your local area to receive the answers and information you are looking for.

Most Timber frame contractors will either ask you to send them pictures of your home or actually visit your residence to start the process. From this point you will be given the details regarding what exactly needs to be done in order to successfully install your new beams and framing. You will then choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and volumes to find the perfect fit that accents the overall theme of your home.

If you are thinking about installing a new patio or outdoor area to enjoy sports or family events I would highly recommend that you look into Timber framing for your new project. It can add immense amounts of energy and space to an area that will translate into a better environment for you to enjoy your friends and family.

This is just a tiny bit of information regarding everything involved with the process of installing new beams and framing into your home. If you are serious about replacing your home’s framing, contact a local Timber frame contractor to get more specifics.